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EZ COLOUR sublimation RIP for Ricoh & Virtuoso printers

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S2R04S EZ COLOUR for Windows A4 license for Ricoh SG3110 & Virtuoso SG400
S2R03S EZ COLOUR for Windows A3/A4 license for Ricoh SG7100 & Virtuoso SG800
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Costs less than a single set of 32ml sublimation dye ink cartridges and will yet will save you many times that in ink running costs! For Ricoh SG3110/7100 and Virtuoso SG400/800 printers. Optimised for use with SublimugsPRO & Chromablast dye inks and media.

•   Custom ICC profiles - Precise colour no matter what type of sublimation stock
•   Optimised ink volume - In some cases cut ink running costs by more than half
•   Virtual Production Manager - Easier than ever control over production workflows
•   Production Queues - Send jobs direct to queue from any design application or over a network

This item is also available with SublimugsPRO A4 & SublimugsPRO A3/4 starter kits at a greatly discounted price, please call 020 8527 6006 for details.

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 Download EZColour install disk


What is EZ Colour?


EZ Colour is software specially configured for use with SublimugsPRO inks and selected Ricoh printers that:

1.   Optimises the volume of sublimation dye ink use thus potentially saving you thousands of pounds in running costs;

2.   Manages colour to ensure best possible colour for various combinations of paper and sublimation blanks;

3.   Manages your sublimation production processes so all you have to do is concentrate on design;

4.   Offers powerful nesting (manual- or auto job layout) features thus minimising media consumption and further reducing running costs;

... plus lots more (see below)


For the more technically minded, EZ Colour is a 'Raster Image Processing' application or 'RIP' with powerful production features that have been specially configured for sublimation printing. EZ colour offers full automation as well as easy manual customisation via a single intuitive interface, preset production queues and various sublimation print modes that are included with the software and regularly updated free of charge.


EZ Colour, how it works



How can EZ Colour save you time and money?


1. EZ Colour is configured for optimum use with SublimugsPRO sublimation dye inks potentially cutting your ink bills by more than half!


2. EZ Colour is not only unmatched in speed but also streamlines your workflows via a single, easy-to-use interface or 'Visual Production Manager' (VPM) thus maximising production efficiency.


3. EZ Colour offers auto- and manual job scheduling, on-the-fly job prioritising, job archiving, history, print status, job log and various other powerful scheduling and production features to further optimise efficiency thus also saving you time and money. 


4. EZ Colour allows you to create an unlimited number of customised 'queues' enabling you to fully automate all your production processes thus saving you precious time and cost in wages (EZ Colour also allows complete manual control for jobs that may require a level of customisation).


5. EZ Colour offers powerful manual- and auto nesting features to ensure intelligent and cost effective job layout thus minimising media consumption and saving you money.


6. EZ Colour offers variable data functionality that allows you, for example, to change names and/or portrait photographs etc. on a core design template such as a school emblem or company logo, an otherwise extremely time consuming task. 



Why do I need a RIP?


You may have heard some people say that you don't need a RIP for sublimation printing but nothing is further from the truth. Not only is it impossible to print a vector file without a RIP (which is why all postscript printers have one built in) but only EZ Colour offers the production features you need to run an efficient, profitable sublimation business!


1. Ink jet printers are frequently used for printing sublimation transfers but these are always configured for optimum use of ink-jet inks. Sublimation transfers on the other hand require much less dye ink by comparison and subsequently ink-jet printers always overink when used for sublimation printing. 

EZ Colour prevents overinking and could thus save you more than half on your current dye ink running costs!


2. So-called 'off-the-shelf' (OTS) ICC output profiles are often provided as free downloads by most sublimation dye ink suppliers in fact Sublimugs offers the same. There is however no way to achieve best colour with just a single- moreover off-the-shelf ICC profile!

EZ Colour references not one but several ICC profiles that have each been customised for an individual sublimation print mode which means you always get best colour no matter what sublimation transfer paper, -surface or combination of the two you are printing on!


3. Perhaps you've spent some money on a good design- and/or photo editing application and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Production however is where you are going to spend or potentially save money on materials and consumables but unfortunately your design- or photo editing application won't be able to help you with that, only EZ Colour can.


4. EZ Colour seperates your design from production thus completely isolating your design department from tedious production procedures letting your designers get on with the job of designing. Your designer simply exports a job  


5. EZ colour is not just a sublimation RIP it is also a cost-saving production tool packed with powerful production features. EZ Colour is not only unmatched in speed but also offers all the same functions and features, if not more, as other RIPs that easily cost upwards of a thousand pounds, the only difference is that EZ Colour offers all of this at a fraction of the price!





Visual Production Manager

At the heart of EZ Colour's interface lies the 'Visual Production Manager' (VPM) from where you can schedule, control, automate, streamline and monitor all your sublimation production activities.



EZ Colour features 

General RIP Features

✔  Windows™ 7, 8 & 10 (32/64 bit) supported
✔  Unmatched RIP processing speed
✔  Print directly from any 3rd party design application
✔  Macintosh application support via hotfolder
✔  Easy access multiple queue tab interface
✔  Remote network printing
✔  AGFA ColorTune™ professional color engine
✔  Import PDF, PSD, PS, EPS, TIF, AI, JPEG and others


Pre production features

✔  Print preview open
✔  NEW Barcoding support (machine specific or generic)
✔  AutoTiling of large scale jobs
✔  Full manual tiling support with preview
✔  In-queue copies with spacing controls
✔  In-queue job cropping with preview
✔  In-queue job rotation
✔  Invert or mirror jobs in queue
✔  Media saver (auto or manual nesting)
✔  Soft proofing
✔  Scale jobs to any size



Job Scheduling & Management Tools

✔  Unlimited number of queues
✔  Auto-scheduling or manual scheduling of print jobs
✔  On-the-fly job prioritizing using simple drag and drop
✔  Job archiving, history, print status and job log


Colour Management

✔  Complete manual colour controls
✔  Advanced colour correction tools interface
✔  ICC colour profiles for various sublimation surfaces included
✔  Simple ink volume controls
✔  Colour curve controls by image detail (shadow/mid-tone/highlight)
✔  Custom halftone settings
✔  Separation curve adjustments


Output Tools

✔  Auto-Resample feature ensures optimum resolution
✔  Compatible with Ricoh SG3110 and Virtuoso 400 printers
✔  True PDF interpreter
✔  PostScript Level 3 compliant RIP engine
✔  Remote network printing



 System requirements 

CPU:              Dual Core (2.0GHz or higher)
HDD:             120 GB
RAM:             1GB + OS requirements
Connectivity: 1x available USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port
OS:                Windows 10 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64), Windows 7 (32/64)

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