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DURHAM MUG (11oz) white - box of 36

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For sublimation (or laser & other HT methods): White 'Durham' style 11oz. ceramic mug with a high quality, multi polymer coating

•   Multi polymer coating for vibrant and durable sublimation colour;
•   Perfect cylindrical shape (+/- 0.5mm taper) ensures even print results;
•   Tested* and proven dishwasher- and microwave safe.

* No significant fading, crazing, blistering or colour shift after 2000 washes at 40°C

Mug dimensions & print area

Mug dimensions and maximum safe print area

Recommended heat presses & settings

Heat press parameters: Time temperature pressure settings


•   Multi polymer coating for durability and long lasting colour;
•   Near flawless print surface;
•   Bright white finish ensures richer, saturated colour;
•   Tested and proven dishwasher and microwave safe

Mug boxes sold separately


Top 10 creative applications

White sublimation mugs are ideal for a whole range of creative opportunities that will inspire- and fire the imagination of your customers. Here are our top ten ideas:

  1. Create stunning photo- and portrait mugs;
  2. Create identity mugs with school or club emblems, corporate brand logos etc.;
  3. Create personalised mugs for the staff tea room;
  4. Create personalised mugs for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries etc.;
  5. Create personalised couples' and friendship mugs;
  6. Create mugs for curio shops at popular holiday destinations;
  7. Create inspirational mugs for local charities and places of worship;
  8. Create motivational mugs for local schools, collegies and sport clubs;
  9. Create your own designer range of mugs with stylised graphics or artwork;
  10. Create your own novelty mugs with clever or funny straplines.


Helpful hints and tips

  1. Although there will always be the rare exception, transfers are usually printed mirror image unless stated otherwise.
  2. Even though they may look dry transfer prints are never properly dry when they've only just come out of the printer. Allow prints to dry fully before transfer otherwise you'll get blurry images with strange-looking outlines.
  3. Always apply adequate pressure to position the mug firmly inside the heat press so it can't move but not too much that might cause it to crack. It should take a little effort to close the press.
  4. Always set your heat press at the recommended time and temperature and adjust only if necessarry. If blacks start looking brown, inks start smearing off and/or the transfer paper starts sticking to your mug then either your temperature is too high or else the mug is staying in the heat press for too long. 
  5. The sublimation process must never be allowed to continue beyond the recommended processing time otherwise unwanted flaws and printing artefacts will manifest. Always peel the sublimation transfer paper off the mug OR immerse it in a bowl of water (at roughly room temperature) immediately after pressing. This will immediately suspend the sublimation process.
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Weight (kg) 14.0000
Mug colour Black
Volume 11oz
Quantity Set of 36
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