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  1. PLATE KIT for GIBB CT150 includes heaters (Ø=120 & 150mm) and base


    Turn your existing GIBB CT150 cap & tag press into a cap,tag & plate press with the GIBB CT150 plate kit.

    •  Quick and easy to swop
    •  Cast in alluminium heating elements ensures
       - better and more even heat distribution
       - longer overall lifespan
       - corrosion resistant
       - High work load 2.5 - 4.5 W/cm²
    •  High temperature resistance up to 260°C (500ºF)

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  2. SPOUT LID for aluminium sport bottle


    Spare BPA-free plastic screw-in spout lid with tethered end cap for aluminium sport bottle

    •   Spout lid which is ideal for sipping cold drinks while you're out running or on the move;
    •   BPA-free plastic is non toxic, safe and recommended for food and drinks storage;
    •   Replace with aluminium screw cap (included with sport bottle) for greater peace of mind that your drinks won't leak while in your bag or in the boot of the car.

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  3. Silicone Tube for 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine

    Spare Silicone Tube for the 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine Learn More
  4. HEATERS for 8-in-1 sublimation combo press

    Starting at £20.99

    Mug & plate heaters for 8-in-1 sublimation combo press:

    •   Quick and easy to replace
    •   Rigid metal backing for even pressure distribution
    •   Heat conductive rubber for efiicient heat distribution

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  5. DIAMANTE STAND for glass clocks & panels


    Threaded plastic stand with diamante stud for glass clocks & -panels

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  6. REGISTRATION MOULD for 3D phone & tablet cases

    Starting at £8.39

    Aluminium moulds for phone and tablet cases used when heat transferring images and designs onto plastic 3D cases in a 3D vacuum oven.

    •   Prevents the heated plastic case from warping as it cools;
    •   Aids with registration when used with vacuum form film.

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  7. COOLING MOULD for cylindrical items (Ø=80mm)


    Aluminium moulds for PET plastic drinks bottles or other cylindrical items (Ø=80mm) when heat transferring images and designs onto them

    •   Prevents the heated plastic case from warping as it cools;
    •   Can also be used with a standard mug press.

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  8. RICOH Waste Ink Collector (for SG 3110DN and SG7100DN)

    Our selection of Waste Ink Collectors are suitable for multiple printers, and allow you to reduce mess from excess ink. These are easy to attach, and offer lasting performance. Learn More
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